Less Wrong: Open Thread, September 2010

Grab the popcorn! Landsburg and I go at it again! (See also Previous Landsburg LW flamewar.)

This time, you get to see Landsburg:

  • attempt to prove the existence of the natural numbers while explicitly dismissing the relevance of what sense he's using "existence" to mean!
  • use formal definitions to make claims about the informal meanings of the terms!
  • claim that Peano arithmetic exists "because you can see the marks on paper" (guess it's not a platonic object anymore...)!

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I always find these entertaining, though I begin to despair of human nature after a while. Thanks for letting me watch.

3DanielVarga9yWow, a debate where the most reasonable-sounding person is a sysop of Conservapedia. :)

Less Wrong: Open Thread, September 2010

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