I experience a thought all at once, usually without words or images. I sometimes reflexively start verbalizing thoughts internally at a spoken-conversation rate. I tend not to think of this inner monologue as the content of my thought but some incidental surface activity. It trails off after a couple words, since I already knew the entire verbalization before I even started inner-monologuing it.

Visualization and imagined conversations both feel very different from this and from each other.

Folks who are more verbal: do you talk to yourself in real time? How does reading feel in comparison? When you recall a conversation, do you re-verbalize the content? Can you speak without knowing what you're about to say beforehand? (I'm pretty sure I can't.)


do you talk to yourself in real time?

Slightly faster. (Also, my inner monologue is usually in standard, formal language, whereas when I actually talk to people I tend to use many more regional colloquialisms.)

How does reading feel in comparison?

Usually faster, because I'm processing existing content rather than generating it from scratch. But when I'm reading stuff by people whose voice I'm familiar with, or poetry, I tend to subvocalize much more vividly, and pretty much in real time.

When you recall a conversation, do you re-verbalize the conten

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-1ChristianKl7yOne way to get there is to just spend an hour to say every thought that pop into your mind. After some time you stop filtering and the thoughts that flow out. If you don't want to talk, writing is also good.
1taelor7yI can, though when I do, it's often consists of regurgitating bits and peices from long mental monlogues that I had in the past, with a bit of new content thrown in to make things flow better (specifically, the one where I articulated my experience with pre-thinking what I'm going to say years in advance occured nearly four years ago, in my senior year of high school, while sitting in a Spanish Class).

More "Stupid" Questions

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This is a thread where people can ask questions that they would ordinarily feel embarrassed for not knowing the answer to. The previous "stupid" questions thread went to over 800 comments in two and a half weeks, so I think it's time for a new one.