Do you actually mean "infinite will" or "infinite ability to focus"?

Will -- that is, the ability of the rational mind / ego / neocortex to override anything coming from lower levels -- doesn't lead people to forget to eat or sleep. Focus does.

I didn't realise that. What is the evolutionary reason infinite willpower would be a bad idea then? The character was meant to have infinite willpower, but the plot I had in my mind was that they jump at the chance only to find that it was a bad idea. The character who gains it is too stupid to think of the consequences.

Was it a bad idea for a plot, then? Are there are no downsides?

More "Stupid" Questions

by NancyLebovitz 1 min read31st Jul 2013498 comments


This is a thread where people can ask questions that they would ordinarily feel embarrassed for not knowing the answer to. The previous "stupid" questions thread went to over 800 comments in two and a half weeks, so I think it's time for a new one.