Hello rationalists (I'm tempted to shorten that word, but neither "rats" nor "rashes" is very complimentary),

I'm a sophomore in college, studying English. I've always been interested in getting smarter than the general population, and websites like this never fail to give me some productive reading/thinking material.

I'm very religious, which some would say is a serious fluke in an otherwise freethinking person. I disagree, but I won't waste your time with my irrational arguments in favor of my own methods of worship.

I love intelligent argument. I think we can get further, sociologically and mentally, by defending and testing rational thought than by any other method.

I probably will never get enough points to be one of the rationalati here, but I've subscribed to the RSS and I'm looking forward to several mind-expanding thoughts.

I discovered this site through youarenotsosmart.com.

I won't waste your time with my irrational arguments in favor of my own methods of worship.

I shan't press you any further on this because you don't appear to want to go there, but you may wish to consider why this one part of your life apparently has its own independent epistemology.

People here tend to see rationality as globally applicable to all domains of knowledge, so a claim that one area of your life is off limits sounds to us like "numbers are good for counting apples, but not oranges."

0DSimon10yMore candidates for cutesie short forms of "rationalist": rashie, ratie (RAY-TEE, or more likely RAY-DEE given typical English pronunciation habits), rasho, nalist, ratnist, tionlist (SHUN-list), Rashomon. I'd also voting you up for "rationalati", even though it's not shorter. :-)
2RobinZ10yGood site! I didn't know that it linked here - was it a comment on a post, link in a post...?

Welcome to Less Wrong! (2010-2011)

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