I'm Tuvia Dulin, and I ended up on these forums after reading Harry Potter fanfiction. I suspect that this is a common story among the membership.

I've tried to be rational ever since I learned what rationality was, but it wasn't until I suffered a psychotic episode that I learned what the true consequences of irrationality were. That was many years ago, and I have since completely recovered, but in some ways I'm glad for the experience; it taught me that without rationality, you have nothing dependable or sane.

"Rationality" is defined a bit differently here than in other places. There is good justification for this. It makes me suspicious any time I hear someone discuss the meaning of a word, as it makes it likely they are invalidly trying to argue by definition, but here "rationality" has a close meaning within and without LW, closer than any other word, and also sufficiently close that it is better to use it than use a new word.

1MixedNuts9yWelcome to Less Wrong! Your name totally rocks. Is it your legal name? Oy, tell me about it! (Actually, do tell me about it, if you want to. I'm interested in developing systematic techniques to cope with mental illness. Or at least in building scientifically sound bases for kvetching about it.)

Welcome to Less Wrong! (2010-2011)

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