I'm not new here, but I never introduced myself and have recently started participating more; it makes sense to say a few words.

Hi. My username is my full name. I'm 34 years old, male, and live in Tel-Aviv, Israel with my wife and two year old daughter. I've lived the first half of my life so far in the USSR, the second half in Israel; consequently my native language is Russian, and I also speak Hebrew. I'm a secular Jew.

I work as a software engineer in a large corporation, doing interesting things. I try to maintain and extend some knowledge of math and physics (I've studied math in graduate school in the past, but didn't finish the degree). I read books, mainly fiction in English and Russian. I have insatiable curiosity about countless academic fields and disciplines, in hard sciences, social sciences and humanities, and have acquired much shallow knowledge in many of them, very little deep knowledge in any. I have some online presence in English, mostly due to open-source work I did in the past (not much recently), but my primary online presence is through my blog, which is written in Russian.

I've been reading OB/LW since late 2007, mainly lurking, with a few comments. Stopped reading save a rare peek in summer 2009, and came back this month. Consequently I read most of the sequences as they were published, but I missed or skipped a fair amount and plan at some point to re-read many of them. Among the topics popular in this community, I'm more interested in Bayesian probability/statistics, epistemology, philosophy of science, rationality, cognitive biases, math/physics. Less interested in FAI, the Singularity, PUA, status, and drama-heavy topics.

I probably self-identify more as a skeptic than as a rationalist, but I don't feel strongly about that. My contributions so far have usually had a contrarian bent, but I don't aim to be a gadfly, I just tend to be more excited by things I disagree with. Will try to balance this to some degree.


I now wish I knew Russian!

Welcome to Less Wrong! (2010-2011)

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