I just donated $100. I second the request for an update on funding progress. And I'm totally coming to the party on the other side. :)

I donated because I want to support cryonics movement-building, and Kim seems like a great poster child for this purpose.

Kim, I have no idea how much time free time you have, but given that you're in a little bit of a spotlight right now, you may be able to construct an opportunity to create a larger public discussion about cryonics through the media. Assuming your suspension is funded, that's probably one of the most impactful things you could do to increase the chances that you and other cryo patients will wake up.

1advancedatheist8yI haven't met Kim or otherwise communicated with her, but I get the impression that she shows some of the signs of the cryonicist personality, however in a female package. For example, anthropologist Tiffany Romain, an outside observer, studied cryonicists using the tools of social science and wrote the paper, "Extreme Life Extension: Investing in Cryonics for the Long, Long Term," where she characterizes cryonicists as follows: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1080/01459741003715391 [http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1080/01459741003715391] Not all cryonicists fit this profile, of course. But Kim, apparently an atheist libertarian who studies cognitive science at university, would probably fit in well with the cryonicist community even if she didn't feel such urgency to get her suspension arrangements in place. I would certainly welcome her, even if I probably wont't have the opportunity to become acquainted with her. I might have to wait to do that if we both make it to The Other Side. ; ) Of course, the cryonics movement needs to find ways to break out of its geek ghetto and appeal to the broader society.. Here evolutionary psychology could work to our advantage, because we have a bias towards helping the vulnerable women in our tribe of reproductive age, but in this case without having to use our bodies to shield them from bullets. I question the propriety of calling Kim cryonics' "poster child," but her plight humanizes cryonics in a way which doesn't come along very often.

UPDATE: Society of Venturism is spearheading Kim Suozzi's cryopreservation charity

by dblch 1 min read27th Aug 201230 comments


Hey everyone,

I'm Kim Suozzi, a 23-year old brain cancer patient trying to secure cryopreservation before my death.

I know I haven't updated in awhile so I just wanted to check in and say how thankful I am for everyone that has been donating and supporting me so far. I've gotten way more of a response than I could have ever expected, and it's hard to find words regarding this whole thing, but I want you know that I am endlessly grateful for the hope you've already offered to me.

I have two days of radiation treatment left, then I'm off to hopefully pursue a clinical trial. Things are going well considering the circumstances; I have no big side effects other than being tired.

I updated the other day with a video, if anyone is interested:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lISC8I_IiCg


I also wanted to clarify that though The Society of Venturism is fundraising on my behalf, I also have a direct link to my paypal (https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=4WR8KS68RC6YY) for independent donations. However, I would like to move funds to the Venturists since they are third-party and a non-profit, that way people can be sure the funds go to cryo and nothing else. It looks like setting it up through the Society for Venturism is a better bet than going though CI or Alcor as it can be difficult to move funds in the case that you choose one company over the other or need to change things around with financing.


Anyway the Society for Venturim Charity is located here: http://venturist.info/kim-suozzi-charity.html, Sorry to repost since I know it's elsewhere already. I just wanted to try to put it all in one message since some others were asking.


I can't say this enough: thank you for all of you consideration and support through all of this,and to all those who have already donated. Maybe if I achieve reanimation, I can throw a party and show you guys what I'm really like, (not just your run-of-the-mill-dying-patient.)

Hope to meet you/ talk to you soon, whether in this time or much later.