So it seems that calling a dying person "poster child" and "vulnerable woman in our tribe of reproductive age" and trying to exploit her plight to further a questionable agenda is perfectly fine

I believe both terms (especially "vulnerable woman in our tribe of reproductive age") are recognising and explicitly indicating that this is an appeal to the emotions. Donors have presumably evaluated the consequences of donating and not simply thrown money at the cause because it pulls on their heartstrings.

Rationality is orthogonal to emotions and is not opposed to appeals of emotion for acts with net positive consequences. I personally think cryonics is net positive despite the uncertainty and I don't agree with your framing of it as a "questionable practice".

I believe the offence derives from you implying or stating that the act of donating was net negative when their evaluation was net positive. Naturally, simply opposing a position is not offensive, but it's rude not to back your point up, and people might be especially predisposed to care about rudeness when they've just donated and heightened the activity of morality-sensing brain segments.

Donors have presumably evaluated the consequences of donating and not simply thrown money at the cause because it pulls on their heartstrings.

This actually seems fairly abnormal for charitable donations in general.

1V_V8yRationality and emotions are not necessarily opposed, but strong emotions can cloud rational judgment. Cryonics is expecially prone to appeal to emotion, since mortality and group identity ("our tribe") are very powerful sources of emotion. Thus, if you want to keep the discussion about cryonics rational, you should recognize this and try keep the emotional charge as small as possible. People who propose to spin in the public discourse "poster children" optimized to generate the maximum emotional reaction, are trying to do exactly the opposite, which is a tactic I find intellectually dishonest. Even if you think that cryonics is good for those who sign up, making people sign up for irrational reasons is unethical, in my opinion. The dictionary definition [] of questionable is: "open to question or dispute; doubtful or uncertain". If you agree that cryonics has large uncertainty, then you should agree that it is a questionable practice. I'm not arguing that donating to Suozzi is intrinsically unethical, I'm arguing that donating to Suozzi for PR purposes is unethical. I admit that in my original comment I've used a confrontational tone which might not have been optimal to convey my point, but I stand my point and hope that my position is now clear.

UPDATE: Society of Venturism is spearheading Kim Suozzi's cryopreservation charity

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Hey everyone,

I'm Kim Suozzi, a 23-year old brain cancer patient trying to secure cryopreservation before my death.

I know I haven't updated in awhile so I just wanted to check in and say how thankful I am for everyone that has been donating and supporting me so far. I've gotten way more of a response than I could have ever expected, and it's hard to find words regarding this whole thing, but I want you know that I am endlessly grateful for the hope you've already offered to me.

I have two days of radiation treatment left, then I'm off to hopefully pursue a clinical trial. Things are going well considering the circumstances; I have no big side effects other than being tired.

I updated the other day with a video, if anyone is interested:


I also wanted to clarify that though The Society of Venturism is fundraising on my behalf, I also have a direct link to my paypal ( for independent donations. However, I would like to move funds to the Venturists since they are third-party and a non-profit, that way people can be sure the funds go to cryo and nothing else. It looks like setting it up through the Society for Venturism is a better bet than going though CI or Alcor as it can be difficult to move funds in the case that you choose one company over the other or need to change things around with financing.


Anyway the Society for Venturim Charity is located here:, Sorry to repost since I know it's elsewhere already. I just wanted to try to put it all in one message since some others were asking.


I can't say this enough: thank you for all of you consideration and support through all of this,and to all those who have already donated. Maybe if I achieve reanimation, I can throw a party and show you guys what I'm really like, (not just your run-of-the-mill-dying-patient.)

Hope to meet you/ talk to you soon, whether in this time or much later.