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Sometimes I sort of feel like a grumpy old man that read the sequences back in the good old fashioned year of 2010. When I am in that mood I will sometimes look around at how memes spread throughout the community and say things like "this is not the rationality I grew up with". I really do not want to stir things up with this post, but I guess I do want to be empathetic to this part of me and I want to see what others think about the perspective.

One relatively small reason I feel this way is that a lot of really smart rationalists, who are my fr... (read more)

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Ok, let me give it a try. I am trying to not spend too much time on this, so I prefer to start with a rough draft and see whether there is anything interesting here before I write a massive essay.

You say the following:

Do chakras exist?

In some sense I might be missing the point since the answer to this is basically just "no". Though obviously I still think they form a meaningful category of something, but in my model they form a meaningful category of "mental experiences" and "mental procedures", and definitely not a meaningfu... (read more)

12Stag5moI am not one of the Old Guard, but I have an uneasy feeling about something related to the Chakra phenomenon. It feels like there's a lot of hidden value clustered around wooy topics like Chakras and Tulpas, and the right orientation towards these topics seems fairly straightforward: if it calls out to you, investigate and, if you please, report. What feels less clear to me is how I as an individual or as a member of some broader rat community should respond when, according to me, people do not certain forms of bullshit tests. This comes from someone with little interest or knowledge about the former, but after accidentally stumbling into some Tulpa-related territory and bumbling around in it for a while, it turns out that the Internal Family Systems model captures a large part of what I was grasping towards, this time with testable predictions and the whole deal. I haven't given the individual-as-part-of-community thing that much thought, but my intuition is that I would make a poor judge for when to say "nope, your thing is BS" and I'm not sure what metric we might use to figure out who would make for a better judge besides overall faith in reasoning capability.

Off the Cuff Brangus Stuff

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