Unless I'm misunderstanding, a lot of what the Zeo does is select a wake time that matches one's sleep cycle. I have twin infants; the time(s) at which I am awoken are entirely out of my control. :D Also, I don't use an alarm, and haven't in many years; as such I awake at what I assume is the right point of my sleep cycle (when allowed to wake naturally, which doesn't much happen anymore).

If I'm misunderstanding, feel free to elaborate; the copy on Amazon at least is pretty inspecific.

Generally speaking, though, I don't have a serious problem with sleep debt or effective sleep or anything; my main sleep problem is staying up so late that I'm ineffective and hence wasting my time, but I do generally get enough sleep to compensate so that I'm OK in the morning.


Empirical Sleep Time

by rlpowell 1 min read24th Jun 201231 comments


I'm thinking that it should be possible to decide when to sleep based on reduced performance.

Can anyone suggest a tool for that purpose?  Perhaps some reaction time testing software?

I guess I would have to track myself during the day to make a baseline, which is fine.

But without some sort of test I end up staying up way pass effectiveness, which is a waste of my time.