If only I had that option. :) If you know how to explain this to my 8 month olds, please do let me know. :)

I appreciate the info about the ideal there; I'm going to keep it in mind. But it's simply not reasonable for me right now.

My focus and attention are much better late at night, so I tend to stay up as late as I can stand, to get more done. Unfortunately, with babies around, both when I wake up in the morning and when in the evening I can start focusing on the things I want to work on are entirely random. Hence wanting to get as much effective time out of the late night as I can, hence the original question.

Obviously, performance does degrade if one stays up long enough; I simply want to have something better than "I'm passing out in my chair" as a hint that I should give up and go to bed.


Empirical Sleep Time

by rlpowell 1 min read24th Jun 201231 comments


I'm thinking that it should be possible to decide when to sleep based on reduced performance.

Can anyone suggest a tool for that purpose?  Perhaps some reaction time testing software?

I guess I would have to track myself during the day to make a baseline, which is fine.

But without some sort of test I end up staying up way pass effectiveness, which is a waste of my time.