If you mean I should have put it in the "main" tab rather than the "discussion" tab: I thought that was, essentially, for coherent essays, rather than Q-and-A. If that's not what you meant, please explain?


There exists a monthly Discussion thread to which people can post as comments various things which aren't worth a whole post.

5wedrifid8yEach month there is a post in the discussion section called "Open thread for May 2012" (or equivalent). He means you could put it as a comment there. I have no problem with this as a discussion post myself.

Empirical Sleep Time

by rlpowell 1 min read24th Jun 201231 comments


I'm thinking that it should be possible to decide when to sleep based on reduced performance.

Can anyone suggest a tool for that purpose?  Perhaps some reaction time testing software?

I guess I would have to track myself during the day to make a baseline, which is fine.

But without some sort of test I end up staying up way pass effectiveness, which is a waste of my time.