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After this weeks's stereotypically sad experience with the DMV....

(spent 3 hours waiting in lines, filling out forms, finding out I didn't bring the right documentation, going to get the right documentation, taking a test, finding out somewhere earlier in the process a computer glitched and I needed to go back and start over, waiting more, finally getting to the end only to learn I was also missing another piece of identification which rendered the whole process moot)

...and having just looked over a lot of 2018 posts investigating coordination failure...&n

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4Raemon2moI recall them being terrible in NY, although it's been awhile. I was also in a uniquely horrible situation because I moved from NY, lost my drivers license, couldn't easily get a new from from NY (cuz I don't live there anymore) and couldn't easily get one from CA because I couldn't prove I had one to transfer. (The results is that I think I need to take the driving test again, but it'll get scheduled out another couple months from now, or something) Which, I dunno I'd be surprised if any bureaucracy handled that particularly well, honestly.

Fwiw, my experiences with DMVs in DC, Maryland, Virginia, New York, and Minnesota have all been about as terrible as my experiences in California.

1Pattern2moUnless there was a bureaucracy that used witnesses.

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This is an experiment in short-form content on LW2.0. I'll be using the comment section of this post as a repository of short, sometimes-half-baked posts that either:

  1. don't feel ready to be written up as a full post
  2. I think the process of writing them up might make them worse (i.e. longer than they need to be)

I ask people not to create top-level comments here, but feel free to reply to comments like you would a FB post.