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In response to lifelonglearner's comment I did some experimenting with making the page a bit bolder. Curious what people think of this screenshot where "unread" posts are bold, and "read" posts are "regular" (as opposed to the current world, where "unread" posts "regular", and read posts are light-gray).

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The LW team has been trying this out the "bolded unread posts" a few days as an admin-only setting. I think pretty much everyone isn't liking it.

But I personally am liking the fact that most posts aren't grey, and I'm finding myself wondering whether it's even that important to highlight unread posts. Obviously there's some value to it, but:

a) a post being read isn't actually that much evidence about whether I want to read it again – I find myself clicking on old posts about as often as new posts. (This might be something you could concretely look into wit

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4Adam Scholl2moFwiw, for reasons I can't explain I vastly prefer just the title bolded to the entire line bolded, and significantly prefer the status quo to title bolded.
4Evan Rysdam2moI think I prefer the status quo design, but not very strongly. Between the two designs pictured here, I at first preferred the one where the authors weren't bolded, but now I think I prefer the one where the whole line is bolded, since "[insert author whose posts I enjoy] has posted something" is as newsworthy as "there's a post called [title I find enticing]". Something I've noticed about myself is that I tend to underestimate how much I can get used to things, so I might end up just as happy with whichever design is chosen.

Raemon's Scratchpad

by Raemon 1 min read30th Dec 2017293 comments


This is an experiment in short-form content on LW2.0. I'll be using the comment section of this post as a repository of short, sometimes-half-baked posts that either:

  1. don't feel ready to be written up as a full post
  2. I think the process of writing them up might make them worse (i.e. longer than they need to be)

I ask people not to create top-level comments here, but feel free to reply to comments like you would a FB post.