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I guess it was mostly just the basic idea that the point of a debate isn't necessarily for the debaters to reach agreement or to change each other's mind, but to produce unbiased information for a third party. (Which may be obvious to some but kind of got pushed out of my mind by the "trying to reach agreement" framing, until I read the Debate paper.) These quotes from the paper seem especially relevant:

Our hypothesis is that optimal play in this game produces honest, aligned information far beyond the capabilities of the human judge.

Despite the diffe

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Raemon's Scratchpad

by Raemon 1 min read30th Dec 2017277 comments


This is an experiment in short-form content on LW2.0. I'll be using the comment section of this post as a repository of short, sometimes-half-baked posts that either:

  1. don't feel ready to be written up as a full post
  2. I think the process of writing them up might make them worse (i.e. longer than they need to be)

I ask people not to create top-level comments here, but feel free to reply to comments like you would a FB post.