What you did in the ancestor poll was effecting pointing and laughing at an already isolated member of the community

I take an issue with your statement that eridu is "a member of the community". There are plenty of radical feminism communities, this is NOT one of them.

It felt to me so stereotypically villainous bullying that I'm surprised I didn't actually experience a PTSD flashback or something to my highschool years.

S/he is NOT required to visit this place every day for six hours, like you were in high school, so there are no parallels whatsoever with your unfortunate experience. S/he can happily stay among his/her man-hating online groups instead of proselytizing his/her vile message here.

This person's radical feminist posts make this forum a worse place by lowering the overall sanity of it, as has been commented on before. Rejecting this disease by silently downvoting his/her every post (and every reply) is the sane thing to do, short of banning him/her outright.

I downvoted plenty of eridu's posts, but I also upvoted a minority of them, because they actually taught me something about radical feminism (starting with the fact that it apparently exists in earnest, and is not a straw-woman argument created to discredit other kinds of feminism). Am I ever going to apply this knowledge in practice ? Probably not, but knowledge is still neat, and a good thing to have.

1[anonymous]8yI take “the community” in ArisKataris's post to refer to the set of people who write here regularly. But yeah, a narrower meaning (e.g. people with non-negligible positive karma) would be more useful.
6MixedNuts8yIf you're going to hate on a person rather than individual posts, a) don't and b) read enough to get his pronoun right.

Less Wrong Polls in Comments

by jimrandomh 1 min read19th Sep 2012310 comments


You can now write Less Wrong comments that contain polls! John Simon picked up and finished some code I had written back in 2010 but never finished, and our admins Wesley Moore and Matt Fallshaw have deployed it. You can use it right now, so let's give it some testing here in this thread.

The polls work through the existing Markdown comment formatting, similar to the syntax used for links. Full documentation is in the wiki; the short version is that you can write comments like this:

What is your favorite color? [poll]{Red}{Green}{Blue}{Other}

How long has it been your favorite color, in years? [poll:number]

Red is a nice color [poll:Agree....Disagree]

Will your favorite color change? [poll:probability]

To see the results of the poll, you have to vote (you can leave questions blank if you want). The results include a link to the raw poll data, including the usernames of people who submitted votes with the "Vote anonymously" box unchecked. After you submit the comment, if you go back and edit your comment all those poll tags will have turned into [pollid:123]. You can edit the rest of the comment without resetting the poll, but you can't change the options.

It works right now, but it's also new and could be buggy. Let's give it some testing; what have you always wanted to know about Less Wrongers?