Hofstadter on the necessary strangeness of scientific explanations:

It is no accident, I would maintain, that quantum mechanics is so wildly counterintuitive. Part of the nature of explanation is that it must eventually hit some point where further probing only increases opacity rather than decreasing it. Consider the problem of understanding the nature of solids. You might wonder where solidity comes form. What if someone said to you, "The ultimate basis of this brick's solidity is that it is composed of a stupendous number of eensy weensy bricklike

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"greeness" -> "greenness"

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0NancyLebovitz6y Does this imply that there's no bottom level, just layer after layer of explanations with each layer being very different from the ones above? If there is a bottom level below which no further explanation is possible, can you tell whether you've reached it?
10fburnaby6y Moliere, Le Malade Imaginere (1673), Act III, sc. iii.

Rationality Quotes June 2013

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Another month has passed and here is a new rationality quotes thread. The usual rules are:

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