PMd explanations are not publicly visible, so they don't help others who read the thread and make the same mistake as the downvoted poster. They can't be upvoted by others, which removes a big (in my experience) incentive to post the explanations.

Also, visible actions spread. Someone who posts a correction encourages other people to post corrections to other comments, while someone who PMs does not encourage that behavior. But it is also visible how many responses there are, so that people don't overwhelm an individual with responses, while they might overwhelm with PMs.

[META] Karma for last 30 days?

by ArisKatsaris 1 min read30th Aug 2012179 comments


Has anyone yet mentioned or reported that for the last couple days, the "karma for last 30 days" is showing zero for everyone? And that we no longer can see the top contributors for the last 30 days either?

Do we have an explanation or estimation for a bugfix on this?