I think it was Grognor is right when he pointed out in a different thread that LWers pay lipservice to gardening but don't engage in it. We've developed a very strong aversion to being down voted and as a result don't down vote enough.

A polite, reasonable but utterly useless or inane comment should be at -1 or -2 or -3, so people who want to make good use of their time don't waste it on that.

Whatever future changes you consider I think really should be geared at getting LWers to start behaving like this. Perhaps make it so that posters below or above a certain karma score have to make about as many up votes as down votes. Or maybe in the same way we already limit the number of down votes to equal to the persons positive karma, why not have the same limit for up votes?

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[META] Karma for last 30 days?

by ArisKatsaris 1 min read30th Aug 2012179 comments


Has anyone yet mentioned or reported that for the last couple days, the "karma for last 30 days" is showing zero for everyone? And that we no longer can see the top contributors for the last 30 days either?

Do we have an explanation or estimation for a bugfix on this?