A similar idea but taken a little farther.

(Tutorial: How to make hip hop hits by boyinaband)

Dubstep and algorithmic information theory

by Will_Newsome 1 min read10th Sep 201125 comments


I think this visualization by YouTube entity dubzophrenia is a decent introduction to some intuitions driving algorithmic information theory, at least for people who like dubstep:


(Please watch in 720p; audio quality is also higher. Fullscreening it is also kind of necessary.)

At least I notice that this is how I tend to think about things like statistical mechanics, quantum information theory, that kinda thing, insofar as I think about them rather than just read lots of abstracts and pretend like that counts. I suspect that liking dubstep is correlated with schizotypality is correlated with having your procedural learning set up such that watching videos like this actually improves your math intuitions (depending on the type of math I think; stat mech more than linear algebra). But that's a lot of speculation. Upvote or downvote as you intuit.

As a side note, I now have a tumblr blog at least half about rationality and electronic music at willnewsome.com. I'd like it if more people promoted themselves and their blogs via one-off LW discussion posts every few months or so even if they're not directly rationality-related. I fear I'm missing out on some interesting stuff due to silly social dynamics resulting from potentially-maladaptive psychology.