Thanks for the explanation. Your explanation accords with what I've heard from my coach and what I've read. What surprised me in your original comment was this sentence in particular:

The first goal was to memorize a massive amount of opening theory and what is known as 'book' knowledge.

That sounded to me like much more than "studying the Ruy Lopez and Queen's Gambit to illustrate basic ideas about central control". It sounded more like "try to memorize every line of every variation of the Ruy Lopez that is in MCO".


Yes, I see your point. It was strongly worded, I think I was just typing quickly and over-emphasized that. In my mind, I was lumping a lot of things together as 'book theory' but it is good to point out that for developing players, it's not good to devote too much time to memorizing anything, whether it's openings or solutions to chess puzzles.

What I mean about "intuitive play" being stifled early on is that one of the first things I was taught was that playing moves that "look good" or "seem right" is not the right way to lea... (read more)

[LINK] Daniel Pink talks about Motivation

by [anonymous] 1 min read22nd Sep 20118 comments


Little over a week ago my work watched this video for a "self-improvement" seminar.
I hadn't seen this linked anywhere on LW yet, and thought it might be relevant, given lukeprogs' article on motivation.