All syllogisms have three parts, therefore this is not a syllogism

American Non-Sequitur Society--We don't make sense, but we do like pizza

Any slogan simple enough to fit on a bumper sticker is too simple to do any good

Ask me about my vow of silence

Circular Definition: see Circular Definition

Circular logic is self-validating. Therefore, it is correct.

Does this program halt?

I shouldn't make sweeping generalizations, but we all do it.....

I think my brain has a mind of its own

If I'd known grandchildren would be so much fun, I would have had them first

If if' statements had nothen' clauses,

If there were no rhetorical questions, what would we do with our hypothetical answers?

If words could speak, I wonder what they'd say

If you don't go to other people's funerals, they won't go to yours

I've got nothing to say--don't make me say it twice

The map is not the territory, but you can't fold up the territory and put it in your glove compartment

Objectivity is in the eye of the beholder

Practice atheism, the religion of the gods!

The Theorem Theorem: If if, then then

What color is a chameleon on a mirror? The same color as the chameleon on the other side of the mirror

What do you look like when you aren't visualizing anything?

What do you mean, YOU'RE a solipsist?

Which came first, the future or the past?

Why did Douglas Hofstadter cross the road? To make this riddle possible

Yes, but what if this weren't a rhetorical question?

What part of gestalt didn't you understand?

The Two Rules 1) Don't tell people everything you know

I went on a nostalgia trip. It wasn't as good as it will be.

Universal Solvent Corporation, Container Research Division

The invisible and the non-existent often look very much alike

because circular reasoning works [wrapped around into a circle]

NO MEMES! Pass it on

Circular reasoning fails because [wraps around in a circle]

Omt ndlss vwls

Circular reasoning working because circular reasoning fails because.... [wrapped around in an infinity sign]

What do you get when you cross a joke with a rhetorical question?

I will not violate causality yesterday

Contrary to Occam's Razor, patients can have as many diseases as they damn well please.

I'm so Meta, Even This Acronym

If you use a slippery slope argument once, you'll use it for everything

Who are you to question why your god doesn't want me to believe in him?

And here's one that people are likely to ask about: The voices in my head are SATB.

Rationality witticisms suitable for t-shirts or bumper stickers

by evand 1 min read15th Jun 201385 comments


What are your best short witticisms, suitable for use on a t-shirt, bumper sticker, or similar location? Ideally something that might make someone reading it think, or get curious enough to ask about it. Simple in-group identification is fine too, though.

For context, therufs is spending today at the NC Maker Faire making t-shirts, and asked me for suggestions this morning. As I was still mostly asleep, I wasn't very helpful.