Perhaps a stupid question, or, more accurately, not even a question - but I don't understand this attitude. If you enjoy going on the Internet, why would you want to stop? If you don't enjoy it, why would it tempt you? It reminds me, and I mean no offense by this, like the attitude addicts have towards drugs. But it really stretches plausibility to say that the Internet could be something like a drug.

there are things that can too easily expand to fill all of your time while only being a certain level of better than baseline. If you want to feel even better than just browsing the internet you need to not allow it to fill all your time. I also value doing DIFFERENT things, though not everyone does. It's easier to do different activities (ie the threshold cost to starting them, which is usually the biggest emotional price you pay) if you're NOT doing something fairly engrossing already.

if your base state is 0 hedons (neutral) an hour, internet is 5 hedon... (read more)

9wedrifid7yWanting is mediated by dopamine. Liking is mostly about opiods. The two features are (unfortunately) not always in sync. It really doesn't stretch plausibility. The key feature here is "has addictive potential". It doesn't matter to the brain whether the reward is endogenous dopamine released in response to a stimulus or something that came in a pill.
4Manfred7yThe brain appears to have separable capabilities for wanting something and enjoying something. There are definitely some things that I feel urges to do but don't particularly enjoy at any point. A common example is lashing out at someone verbally - sometimes, especially on the internet, I have urges to be a jerk, but when I act on those urges it isn't rewarding to me. Aaanyhow, your sentence is also the worst argument [] :P

Open thread, August 12-18, 2013

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