Energetic Aliens - Stephen Malina

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Note: This is not my post; it was written by Stephen Malina. I am just linking to it as I thought it was interesting and worthy of more readers. 

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My guess is that you have a high chance of becoming an energetic alien if 

  1. you have something to protect,
  2. your subconscious interests are aligned with your skills and the task at hand, and
  3. you are healthy.

PS. I suggest that you copy the text of your blog post into the post, not just the link. You might also want to change the title because 'alien' is very misleading esp. in combination with 'energetic'. 

The linked post is pretty uninteresting to me. I skimmed it, but seems mostly to be some biographies of folks who were/are unusually productive and comes away with not much of a theory of why these people are that way or how one could become like them (or why you can't!). Seems like a reasonable first step towards exploring the issue, but would have found more value in some information I could use beyond what I already knew (some people are extremely productive beyond what everyone else seems able to do).

(I'm the author of the post.) This is a totally reasonable critique, which I tried to make of myself:

Wrapping things up, I find all this analysis still a bit dissatisfying. While I’ve tried to use the commonalities amongst and differences between energetic aliens to understand them better, I feel like all the factors I identified describe rather than explain what’s going on with energetic aliens. A more satisfying understanding would instead at least suggest candidate causal factors which are predictive of energetic alienness warranting further investigation. Of course, this is also why this essay is called the neglected mystery rather than the resolved mystery.

That said, part of the challenge is that coming up with good theories is really hard here and risks touching on controversial issues, so warrants being careful! If you, or anyone else has such theories, I'd love to hear them.