Son of Shit Rationalists Say

Awesome. You should hear the "shit post-rationalists say". Nick Tarleton suggested a blog be made about it. For example:

  • "My ambition is infinite but not limitless. I don't think I can re-arrange the small natural numbers."
  • "I never thought I would think there were actual facts of the matter in Christology."
  • "I'm an avatar of the same being that Nietzsche was an avatar of."

And so on.

What is a post-rationalist?

Son of Shit Rationalists Say

by Eneasz 1 min read1st Jun 201243 comments


A long time ago, in the colder seasons, I asked for suggestions for a Shit Rationalists Say video. Due to other concerns it took me this long to put it together, and the meme has long since passed. However, here it is.

Shit Rationalists Say

It is my first time in front of a camera, so I'm shakey. But I learned, and there it is.