Two random questions.

1) what is the chance of AGI first happening in Russia? Are they laggards in AI compared to the US and China?

2) is there a connection between fuzzy logic and the logical uncertainty of interest to MIRI or not really?

The kind of money that projects like DeepMind or OpenAI cost seem to be within the budget of a Russian billionaire who strongly cares about the issue.

But there seem to be many countries that are stronger than Russia:

0MrMind3yOn 2, I'd say not really: fuzzy logic is a logic which has a continuum of truth values. Logical uncertainty works by imposing, on classical logic, a probability assignment that is as "nice" as possible.
0[anonymous]3y1) low chance 2) no connection

Open thread, Jul. 03 - Jul. 09, 2017

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