Yes when nobody is at the register. I know its a great opportunity for improvement in social skills and in fact have noticed an improvement (though i have also noticed some things i find very annoying about some social conventions)

I was a cashier for a while with a shift that went from 5 PM to 11 PM, which took from "super busy" to almost dead. I used the late night time dead zones to work on writing projects. I don't know that I ever did anything all that productive with the few minutes of downtime you periodically got in busier sections.

I don't have recommendations for mental exercises. Are there mental exercises that you normally do, or are you assuming that mental exercises are valuable things you should be working on, and this seemed like a good place to do it? My bel... (read more)

Exercises to do while alone

by zntneo 1 min read7th Aug 201114 comments


So given my job as a cashier I have a lot of brain down time and was wondering if there are any mental exercises that one can do while alone to help improve my rationality.