About that report link (http://lesswrong.com/ ???): It doesn't say what it's going to do, what it is for (hate speech, strong language, advocating the overthrow, trolling, disagreeing with me...), nor does it give me a chance to explain.

Indeed - another thing for the nonexistent FAQ.

As for the URL, it uses (inline) javascript and doesn't actually care about the href - a really stupid design decision, since it bounces you around (sends you back to /) if you have javascript off. But then, much of the site is kindof broken in that case.

Issues, Bugs, and Requested Features

by Eliezer Yudkowsky 1 min read26th Feb 2009674 comments


[Edit: IssuesBugs, and Requested Features should be tracked at Google Code, not here -- matt, 2010-04-23


Less Wrong is still under construction.  Please post any bugs or issues with Less Wrong to this thread.  Try to keep each comment thread a clean discussion of each bug or issue.

Requested features... sure, go ahead, but bear in mind we may not be able to implement for a while.