Does anyone else experience the feeling of alienation? And does anyone have a good strategy for dealing with it?

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I think this feeling arises from social norms feeling unnatural to you. This feeling should be expected if your interests are relevant to this site, since people are not trying to be rational by default.

The difference between a pathetic misfit and and an admirable eccentric is their level of awesomeness. If you become good enough at anything relevant to other people, you don't have to live through their social expectations. Conform to the norms or rise above them.

Note that I think most social norms are nice to have, but this doesn't mean there aren't enoug... (read more)

1MathiasZaman6yI think that feeling is more common than you might think. Especially if you deviate enough from the societal norm (which Less Wrong generally does). My general strategy for dealing with is social interaction with people who'll probably understand. Just talk it over with them. It's best if you do this with people you care about. It doesn't have to be in person, if you've got someone relevant on Skype, that works as well.
2ChristianKl6yFeeling usually become a problem when you resist them. My general approach with feelings: 1. Find someone towards which you can express the content behind the feeling. This works best in person. Online communication isn't good for resolving feelings. Speak openly about whatever comes to mind. 2. Track the feeling down in your body. Be aware where it happens to be. Then release it.

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