Having followed your posts here and on #lesswrong, I got an impression of your personality as a bizarre mix of insecurities and narcissism (but without any malice), and this comment is no exception. You are certainly in need of a few sessions with a good therapist, but, judging by your past posts, you are not likely to actually go for it, so that's a catch 22. Alternatively, taking a Dale Carnegie course and actually taking its lessons to heart and putting an effort into it might be a good idea. Or a similar interpersonal relationship course you can find locally and afford.


bizarre mix of insecurities and narcissism

If you don't mind, I'm gonna use this in my twitter's bio.

1ialdabaoth6yYeah, the narcissism is something that I've been trying to come up with a good plan for purging since I first became aware of it. (I sometimes think that some of the insecurities originally started as a botched attempt to undo the narcissism). The therapy will absolutely happen as soon as I have a reasonable capacity to distinguish "good" therapists from "bad" ones.

Open thread, January 25- February 1

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