How would you define the word "sexy" in terms of signaling?

Sexy is a quite broad word that probably used by different people in different ways. I think for most people it about what they feel when looking at the person. Those feeling where set up by evolution over large time frames.

Evolution doesn't really care about whether you get a fun intercourse partner.

But it's not only evolution. It also has a lot to do with culture. Culture also doesn't care about whether you get a fun intercourse partner. People who watch a lot of TV get taught that certain characteristics are sexy.

For myself I would guess that most of ... (read more)

1Torello6yBeing sexy signals health, youth, and fertility. This is quite well supported by evidence and discussed in many books and articles. I would agree with what Lumifer says below, but I think sexy can be signalling when many people are involved: look at the sexy people I hang out with. Being with sexy people brings high status because it's high status.
1Lumifer6y"Sexy" isn't signaling -- it's a characteristic that people (usually) try to signal, more or less successfully. "I'm sexy" basically means "You want me" : note the difference in subjects :-)

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