I was just feeling frustrated, and wanted to use LW for some instant gratification through herping and derping. I wish I could take this shit to 4chan's /b/, but alas, in these decadent times there's no longer even a /b/ that a self-respecting person could gb2.

I think I'm going to petition the powers-that-be for actually opening a "mental refuse"/"noise sink" space next to LW discussion, open by invitation only to long-time users. MLP pornography, Holocaust jokes, strings of racist invective - that's something for which I'd enjoy a neat, rationalist reservation.

Can you imagine it? 2girls1cup and the Methods of Rationality!

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MLP pornography

MLP is My Little Pony? How does this manage to make it into the list? Horses mating is neither particularly erotic nor particularly disturbing. Or if it is MLP/human pornography then the rather artificial and colorful look of the ponies would give an aura of "sex toy" --> so not anywhere near 2girls1cup callibre.

Open Thread, July 16-31, 2012

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If it's worth saying, but not worth its own post, even in Discussion, it goes here.