Two minor inconveniences using LW site:

In "Inbox" there are two links under each message. Under discussion comments, "Report" is on the right. Under private messages, "Report" is on the left. (I have already clicked it mistakenly; expecting the "Reply" button to be there. Good that is asked whether I am sure.) Please move the links consistently.

On the starting page, there is a list of recent comments. I would like to go to the article where it happened, but it is not hyperlinked; there are only hyperlinks to the comment and author. I can click on the comment and then to see the original article, but because it is two clicks in the same article, I lose the information about which comments are unread. (This can be solved by clicking on comment author instead and then the article; but I usually forget to do it, and then it's too late.) Please make also the article name clickable; or don't remove the unread flag from comments when someone is seeing just one selected comment. (Or just remove the unread flag only from the comments really appearing in the screen, if this would be more simple to implement.)

Yes! Both of these are massively annoying. The last solution you gave is the correct one. Mark as read precisely the comments that were read.

Open Thread, July 16-31, 2012

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