Proofreading-or-Editing Matchmaking Thread

Do you have a post, question or comment that you're planning to write to LessWrong? Would you like to have a fresh set of eyes look over it before you do, for some brief feedback or maybe more detailed editing suggestions? Alternatively, would you like to help people feel more comfortable posting, and are willing to spend a few minutes reading something and giving feedback? Or maybe you have experience giving editing advice, or want to try it out? This is a thread for both sides of that graph to meet up.

How to do t

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1adamShimi12dThat's a great idea! Are some people interested in a more structured version of this, something like a writing group where everyone proposes its writing and the other comment on it? Either way, I'm interested on having feedback for something I'm currently writing, whose draft I will probably finish at the end of this week. I'm interested in feedback on content, and on readability. I'm also up to comment on structure, arguments and readability for others.

I’m willing to proofread :)

8ChristianKl12dI'm interested in a more structured version like a writing group.

Open & Welcome Thread - March 2020

by habryka 1 min read8th Mar 202032 comments


If it’s worth saying, but not worth its own post, here's a place to put it. (You can also make a shortform post)

And, if you are new to LessWrong, here's the place to introduce yourself. Personal stories, anecdotes, or just general comments on how you found us and what you hope to get from the site and community are welcome.

If you want to explore the community more, I recommend reading the Library, checking recent Curated posts, seeing if there are any meetups in your area, and checking out the Getting Started section of the LessWrong FAQ.

The Open Thread sequence is here.