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[Epistemic status: Fictional]

While waking up I did my basic routine: wake up, eat, read news go to school. But this time something different happened, something unlikely. Sitting in the kitchen and then my phone screen just made a static like on the old TVs and didn't work for seconds and then I got an Evernote reminder. I have been using lately Evernote reminders to help ease my days, Evernote has this reminder that can be set to a specific date and time.

I hate those thought and without looking, you know how I like everything silent and so I muted my phone. The commute was normal up until I saw lightings in the morning, a horrible storm would come. School was over so I came home with same arrow shaped trains that we got in Romania. It did had to wait a little bit but everything was fine. Staring at my phone while others looked at the horrible rain with the thunder that just came. There was lighting every few half a minutes and so. Funny was when a lightning stroke a Mobile Virtual Network operator, those towers. When I arrived in my hometown, we people usually don't go through the tunnels but this time was raining. But I still didn't go through the tunnel, then it went silent... Someone that I let ahead of me (young lady) was hurrying and wasn't aware that a train with full speed... And she is dead, holy f***?!

I just let a scream and don't know what to do. Everyone was terrified of what happened, everyone saw while waiting for the rain to stop. Still raining aggressively I wasn't sure what to do. My father got us home with the car.


I wrote to Evernote, and thought this foolish thing would go message would go back in time. I set it for 2:32 PM 16th May 2019 Close my eyes and hope to see it before and repair... Nothing happens. Hahaha... This is stupid...

I got home an run quickly to not get more wet, put my wet coat on the on the sofa. Looked at the kitchen and then it hit me: or maybe is just that I couldn't see it because I set it on mute (this morning). I need to try again. So I did and set it to see it before I put it on mute...

don'tLetHerGoAhead 6:45 AM 16th May 2019

So I did and closed my eyes.. just a few bits of information in the message... transferring the bits of information through mobile data for Evernote to upload it in the cloud... I just heard a thunder... Did something changed? I hope so, I move on and see that I hadn't read two notifications, my phone blue led on the top right was flickering so I saw it and it read: DO NOT LET HER GO AHEAD (To be continued)