As I'm waiting to watch the Trump Obama meeting, I'm changing my mind to elaborate. I've never really been an active participator in the LW community and if I'm going to distance myself further so be it. As an example, compare this to this and this. If Eliezer actually believed that politics is the mind killer and had any interest in intellectual honesty, he would admit he was hoodwinked by that live action roleplay game of his. He won't, hence my disgust.

I don't see anything in those posts that point to mindkilled partisanship. (And I'm very anti-EY on many points, so I'm not giving him any handicap here.)

The first was a statement of confusion about the behavior of the equity markets surrounding the US election. This seems a very reasonable observation to make.

The second was a long article pointing out that politics does sometimes have real world consequences, things you have to pay attention to even if you'd rather ignore politics in general. It explicitly mentions the difference between political partisa... (read more)

0MrMind4yI'm writing a post about it.

Open thread, Nov. 7 - Nov. 13, 2016

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