Crazy Ideas Thread

I think "crazy idea" is underspecified. The kind of crazy idea that you probably want is an unusual way of meeting an acceptable goal and based on acceptable premises. You don't want someone posting "kill all the Jews" and you don't want someone posting "in order to get rid of the lizard invaders, we should..." even though those are certainly crazy ideas.

Of course, nobody would post those things outright, but there are shades of gray where the goal or premises are somewhat questionable, even if not outright as bad as killing all the Jews. (I think, for instance, that the "freedom from fear" post below is close to this.)

Could you suggest a more precise definition? Then I or somebody else can use it on a follow-up post.

Crazy Ideas Thread

by Gunnar_Zarncke 1 min read7th Jul 2015350 comments


This thread is intended to provide a space for 'crazy' ideas. Ideas that spontaneously come to mind (and feel great), ideas you long wanted to tell but never found the place and time for and also for ideas you think should be obvious and simple - but nobody ever mentions them.

This thread itself is such an idea. Or rather the tangent of such an idea which I post below as a seed for this thread.


Rules for this thread:

  1. Each crazy idea goes into its own top level comment and may be commented there.
  2. Voting should be based primarily on how original the idea is.
  3. Meta discussion of the thread should go to the top level comment intended for that purpose. 


If this should become a regular thread I suggest the following :

  • Use "Crazy Ideas Thread" in the title.
  • Copy the rules.
  • Add the tag "crazy_idea".
  • Create a top-level comment saying 'Discussion of this thread goes here; all other top-level comments should be ideas or similar'
  • Add a second top-level comment with an initial crazy idea to start participation.