"Partners with competition" group - results

byHafurelus1y10th Apr 20182 comments


More than half a year ago, I assembled an online group of MS-in-CS-related people and we tried to learn things together.

We failed in learning something together.

Nevertheless, this project evolved into a different thing.


My theory was that group motivation (guilt, herd instinct, etc.) has some power that will help us to learn, but it turned out that it was not sufficient.

I guess, the reason of its powerlessness is that, unlike people in Stronger Together post, we didn't know each other in person. We're people from different countries. This fact diminished the power of guilt over not doing anything to nearly zero.

However, even if we don't grow together, we grow separately. The group continues to exist as a long-term project of people with similar goals and age.

In a file, we stated our goals, strategy, studying interests, and our current state of affairs. With this information and the group itself, it's possible to find and share the opportunities for growing together in the future.


I hope this report was helpful to you. Just in case somebody wants to join, PM me.