I must say that given that i choose to have my last name be aletheia i so prefer the aletheia based ones :)

Mostly silly alternatives to the word 'rationalist'

by jsalvatier 1 min read22nd Jun 201137 comments


Like many others I don't care much for the word 'rationalist', since it comes with lots of preexisting negative connotations. I think we're most likely stuck with the term, but to amuse myself, I came up a list of alternative terms. The Seattle LW group enjoyed the word 'cognomancy'.

I don't claim any of these are original to me; I know I've lifted a couple of them.
  • cognomancer
  • optimancer
  • orthomancer
  • ratiomancer
  • logimancer
  • utilimancer
  • mentamancer
  • metamancer
  • economancer
  • psychomancer
  • bayesian empiramancer (really you could add 'bayesian to most of these')
  • mathamancer 
  • cognitive engineer
  • optimization engineer
  • neuromancer
  • cognologist
  • cognician 
  • optimician
  • utilitician 
  • ratician 
  • orthocognician 
  • economician 
  • mentician 
  • empirician  
I really like the suffix -mancy; it's really fun to think of yourself as doing any kind of -mancy. 
I'd love to hear other funny alternatives to 'rationalist' and other related terms.