I also see the FAQ page as broken with 'Questions' in the header appearing overlayed on the #2 and #3 items in the 'contents' list. With Firefox 8 on Linux at default zoom, and zooming down to make the fonts smaller than normal does fix it.

I agree with nyan_sandwich that things would be much improved if the CSS used ems instead of pixels, which are guaranteed to break if users have non-standard fonts or font sizes or their browser happens to have different enough default CSS rules.

How is it for you now? If you have any problems, can you please make a screenshot (and upload to http://imgur.com or somewhere else) to help us diagnose the problem?

New 'landing page' website: Friendly-AI.com

by lukeprog 1 min read12th Dec 201140 comments


I've created a new "landing page" on Friendly AI at Friendly-AI.com. This is similar to IntelligenceExplosion.com, Existential-Risk.org, Anthropic-Principle.com, and simulation-argument.com.

The site is less ambitious than the original plan for it was, but it serves its purpose.

Design courtesy of Lightwave.