On the topic of how the site looks in different browsers, and finding out whether the layout is borked on some browsers, you could use http://browsershots.org/.

At the moment though, it fails due to an internal server error when it tries to fetch http://friendly-ai.com/robots.txt. If you fix that, you should be able to easily see how the site looks in a bunch of different browsers on different operating systems.

New 'landing page' website: Friendly-AI.com

by lukeprog 1 min read12th Dec 201140 comments


I've created a new "landing page" on Friendly AI at Friendly-AI.com. This is similar to IntelligenceExplosion.com, Existential-Risk.org, Anthropic-Principle.com, and simulation-argument.com.

The site is less ambitious than the original plan for it was, but it serves its purpose.

Design courtesy of Lightwave.