I think I remember in the Sequences dude is talking about how he's on the phone and someone is talking about chest pains and the emts won't take them. He's like "huh, that's odd", and comes up with reasons. Turns out its just a fake.

Seems like that's what's going on here. The odds that someone has this incredibly bizarre illness, yet has managed to function to the point that he's a student (never got puppetted off the road, or into traffic, etc.), yet confides in you, and his problems don't match up to stuff that happens to lots of people (No one else goes crazy like this, it's weird enough that it'd be a known thing)... OR, a human is lying.

I think I remember in the Sequences

Here, I think.

[EDITED to add:] This case doesn't seem so unbelievable to me, though -- but I may be underestimating its implausibility.

Open thread, Apr. 18 - Apr. 24, 2016

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