After the survey I've become confused about what it means for HBD to be false.

I don't think the survey asks that question. Just like it doesn't ask whether feminism or social justice are false. Those are cultural movements that can't simply be understood by boiling issues down to one sentence.

I also believe that the differences are small and are mostly irrelevant to any real world problem.

The HBD crowd doesn't.

The question was: "115. How would you describe your opinion of the idea of "human biodiversity", as you understand the term? No Wiki page available, but essentially it is the belief that there are important genetic differences between human populations and that therefore ideas generally considered racist, such as different races having different average intelligence or personality traits, are in fact scientifically justified".

No matter how we clusterize people into races, unless it's some kind of a good randomization procedure I think... (read more)

Open thread, Apr. 18 - Apr. 24, 2016

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