What could they mean by 'rationalize' here?

  • Today I pitched my research to a classroom with the other people in the class. We had to convince a hypothetical Bill Gates to give us money for our funding. I tried to structure my pitch around scale, neglectfulness and tractability, but I felt less compelling than others who pitched around regularly persuasive devices
  • Steve and Hilary must persuade Rochelle the French bureaucrat to expedite their visa process. Both Steve and Hilary note that Rochelle is wearing delightful chartreuse earrings. Steve, the persuasion novice, runs the mental process of noting that Rochelle is a person, and that people generally respond well to friendliness. Hilary, the persuasion expert, notes that Rochelle's chartreuse earrings are the only flamboyant clothing items that anyone in the office is wearing. Based on a large sample size of processed experience now stored in her system one, she guesses that the chartreuse earrings could signify that Rochelle wants to distinguish herself from her fellow bureaucrats - to show that she is not just another bureaucrat. Based on this, Hilary makes a gamble to say things which shows that she appreciates Rochelle's uniqueness - e.g., "You're the friendliest-looking embassy employee I've ever met!" Who do you think has the better marker of expertise? Why?

  • You're on the aisle seat on a tram. Should you move over, and promote/normalise a permissive culture, or stay in place to promote a permission-seeking culture?

  • I find that four hours of happy personality (I call him Aaron) in row flips me from my unhappy personality (I call him Carlos), to my serious/rage/serenity personality (I call him Eric). This should make more sense once I give a backstory to my multiple personalities. I'm still trying to figure it out myself. I feel the high expectations of a family friends family (the 'c' family) helped destabilize my self esteem, then it all went downhill from there. I just want to live the simple life of a barrista!

  • No rhythm assisted poetry (rap) this week. Chris brown - sex wins the award for best dirty talk. And, Andrew Do's music.

  • Interpreting Linkin Park's Numb and other 'that generation' LP songs as if it is self-referential ('you' relates to yourself, as well as 'me' relating to yourself) it takes on a whole new flavour. Same with 'Hell of a night' by Schoolboy Q. In contrast: anything by Lil b. Not really insightful, but check out the: 'Feeling Good (Instrumental Cover) Muse Album: cover by night86pl' on youtube.

  • I thought up a joke:

Q) What's the difference between a sociopath and psychopath?

A) A sociopath takes a moment to explain the difference

  • I did a huge write-up about evidence based relationships that somehow dissapeared. I'm so dissapointed!

  • I had a dream about my psychologist last night...she was telling me off and stuff..and looked differnet I was hanging at some kind of hide out house that was run by a secret student club .... and the night before I had a dream about something called 'mr. hippo'...and a few days before I dreamed I had x with my mom haha, She says I can't take care of her cause I don't do much housework therefore I'm not a good long term partner which she says she wants.

  • Kimspirations. This is some of the funniest stuff I've seen in months. Lots of repeat viewing value.

Secret to (real world) pitching success. Name the profits; Name the cost (what you are asking for); then name the "how", who, why etc.

Top down, investors want to know $ first.


4ChristianKl4yHow convincing a pitch happens to be depends a lot on the standards of the person who hears the pitch.

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