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Has anyone tried FORMWELT (a uform-iform language) here? If so what has been your experience of it?

by John Nujler1 min read6th Oct 20201 comment


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I recently came across this thing called "uForm iForm", which the creators describe as a polyvalent logic of cognition (not sure what it means though). It seemed interesting to me so I dug into it and it seems that they have created a language called FORMWELT that is based on this "uForm iForm" thing, but I couldn't find any publicly available expository resources on it apart from the video series by the creators on youtube(https://youtu.be/t8b3WCk5nQ8) and this site(https://formwelt.info/).

Also there seems to be a book on it titled "uForm iForm" --- https://uformiform.info/en

The main reason why I was interested to explore it was because of this animation(https://uformiform.info/en/animations) that was posted on this site that looked somewhat lisp-ish to me, but I didn't dig further because I thought I will check if someone here has a better idea of it and can enlighten us on whether it is really worth looking into.

The creators in their site claim that it can be used to communicate seamlessly with anything and everything including a full-fledged AI. They also market it as a self-emancipatory language that is built using mathematical logic and complexity theory. Although I know a little about both the fields, it didn't make a whole lot of sense to me immediately. So, I was thinking if anyone here has already explored this as part of their AI Alignment/Safety Research Process.

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I clicked the links, most of them have a lot of hype but nothing specific.

The animation is the only specific thing, but I have no idea what it means, and the other pages do not encourage me to read more.

Tried to google, but seems like the only thing about "uForm iForm" on the entire internet is that book.