How late do these usually go? I'd like to come, but I was already making plans that day. I can shorten them slightly and come mid-afternoon if this is going to go into the evening.

No usually yet. This is the first board game meetup we've done. :) Also, the meetup says it starts at 1 PM but I believe a strong contingent are arriving at 4 PM. I don't actually remembering specifying a start time on the "Add new meetup" page.....

Here's what I said on the mailing list: "Let's play board games! At my place on Sunday Jan 8th. Official start time for coordination is 4 PM I guess, though come as early as 1 PM and I'll be hosty and game. I'm on the east side, so car pools might be good, e.g. John Salvatier can drive some folks.... (read more)

Meetup : Seattle Board Games

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Discussion article for the meetup : Seattle Board Games

WHEN: 08 January 2012 01:01:30PM (-0800)

WHERE: 15207 NE 72nd St, Redmond, WA 98052, USA

Come play board games with fellow LWers and friends in Redmond!

Go to to arrange carpooling.

Discussion article for the meetup : Seattle Board Games