(Editing things in as I think of/come across them.)

When I go to my user page (https://www.lesserwrong.com/users/philh), there seems to be no way to access the comments on the link posts that I've made.

I agree with Chris_Leong's bullet points, but the specific one I was going to make myself was this: "Recent posts is extremely clumsy. Clicking on the title should open it up to a full page view." More precisely, there should be a specific page that I can go to for just recent posts.

There's no way I can find to see a user's comments.

I'm not a fan of the comment textbox that doesn't look like a textbox.

I'm finding the font reasonably unpleasant in some vague way. I know this was hashed out in the strategic overview thread, but datapoint. (Firefox, OS X.) I think this is more true in comments than top-level posts.

Neither markdown nor HTML seems to work in comments, and URLs don't even auto-link. I don't mind the visual editor being there, but I extremely dislike having no alternative to it.

As a more minor thing, I also don't like the paragraphing; I often use the up/down cursor keys to navigate to the line between paragraphs, then left/right to move to the beginning/end of a paragraph; but I can't do that when there's no line between them.

It also doesn't seem to be possible to highlight text elsewhere in the window and drag-and-drop into the editor.

I tried to edit my profile to add a website URL, but it gave me a "schema validation error". The problem was that I hadn't put http:// in the beginning.

When I tried to log in before resetting my password (I came here before reading Vaniver's post on LW 1.0), I didn't get an error message, it just didn't do anything. The dev console told me I had no password assigned.

If I middle-click on the "LESSWRONG" in the top-left, it takes me to the front page in the same tab. That is not what I want or expect.

Ozy linked https://www.lesserwrong.com/posts/gbNdc7gCXCy2ZWqXe/against-ea-pr from elsewhere. I'm not sure how I'd find it if they hadn't. It doesn't seem to be on their profile page or on the front page.

https://lesserwrong.com gives an SSL error page. https://www.lesserwrong.com (with www.) and http://lesserwrong.com (no SSL) don't.

The difference between a green and grey upvote/downvote arrow is very subtle.

I didn't get a notification for ozy's reply to this comment. (Maybe because it's in meta? I do have comment reply notifications turned on in my settings.) Also, the notification icon doesn't seem to change depending on whether there are any notifications.

Home/end in the editor scroll the browser, instead of going to beginning/end of line (ctrl-a/e work). This might be a mac thing? I just tested in the hacker news edit box, and that doesn't scroll the browser or go to beginning/end.

Comment scores seem to get updated live. I appreciate this. I'm not sure how I feel about comment threads being updated live. (I would definitely appreciate some kind of notification that there are new comments.)

Right now I'm finding this website a downgrade from LW 1.0. That's not a dealbreaker, and I know this one can be improved much more easily, and I'm still grateful to the people who are putting in the effort.

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2gjm3yStill seems to be broken as of now.
3habryka3yYeah, it turned out to be a bit harder to fix than I thought. I hope I can get to it today.

Looks like it's slipped a little. Any idea when it's actually likely to work?

Beta - First Impressions

by Chris_Leong 1 min read21st Sep 2017104 comments


I thought that instead of everyone having to create a separate post for their first impressions, it would be more convenient to create a single post for this discussion. I'll post my own here soon.