It looks like on your profile page, the default view lists only an old post of yours, , which seems not to have been imported properly. If I sort by magical scoring, recent or karma, I see your two recent posts. (Magical scoring claims to be the default, but apparently isn't. The default isn't available from that selector.) If I sort by "my drafts" I see nothing. (I'm not sure why this option is available.) If I sort by "day" I get taken to a whole new page, which I am glad to have discovered but I'm not sure what it's doing linked from there.

Meanwhile, my page shows a lot of things by default, but only one thing ( when I sort. My drafts contains an actual five-year-old draft of mine; that's neat. Day does the same thing as on yours.

Chris' page might just not be showing things posted to meta?

Beta - First Impressions

by Chris_Leong 1 min read21st Sep 2017104 comments


I thought that instead of everyone having to create a separate post for their first impressions, it would be more convenient to create a single post for this discussion. I'll post my own here soon.