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[META] Proposed title keywords for Discussions

by ata 1 min read5th Oct 20109 comments


I propose the following title keywords for Discussion posts, to be included as I did with [META] in this one.

  • META: Posts about LW, in general.
  • DRAFT: Drafts of posts that may be promoted to the main LW, posted for comments and criticism.
  • POLL: Polls and (essay question–type) surveys on whatever topics seem to merit that format.
  • LINK: Discussions centered primarily around a linked webpage.
  • HELP: Posts requesting help with some question or problem.
  • QUICK: The same sort of content (with respect to topic and structure and style) that you'd post to main LW, but smaller and quicker, perhaps.

Feel free to propose others, debate the merit of the ones I've suggested, tell me that the whole thing is a stupid idea, etc.

This is not meant to replace the actual Tags system, which is good for arbitrarily tagging posts by topic. I see this as a way to allow us to quickly scan through the list of Discussions and know what general type of content to expect from each item. I don't expect that absolutely everything will need one of these keywords, but many/most of the things that have been posted in Discussion so far seem to be categorizable along these lines. And I don't intend by this to encourage specific types of content (e.g. if we get more polls as Discussion posts now as a result of having a [POLL] keyword, then it is not working correctly), I only suggest that it may be useful for organizing the things people are already using this section for.