FWIW, Salemicus::anger ("how dare you!") and annoyance feel slightly but not very different to my System 1, much more similar to each other than, say, the various feelings that English labels as "love", and I don't normally feel the need of using different words for the two unless I want to be pedantic.

I realize that anger is supposed to be what "They offered me a lousy offer in this Ultimatum game so I'd better turn it down even if I CDT::will be worse off otherwise people TDT::would continue to make me similarly lousy offers" feels from the inside, but my System 1 has only a vague understanding of that, let alone of the fact that unanimate objects aren't actually playing Ultimatum with me (and I can't be alone on this last point otherwise no-one would have ever hypothesised that lightning came from Zeus), but YMMV.

BTW, are you two native English speakers? (FTR I'm not.) This might be a case of languages labeling feeling-space differently, rather than or as well as people's feeling-spaces being different.


I am not, but I got convinced by Salemicus's argument. I realized that what I translate as "anger at the weather" is better translated as "being mad at the weather" or "being pissed at the weather" and anger here is not something like a short fuck-you feeling but more like the urge to launch a long rant or dressing-down.

2Salemicus5yI am a native speaker, yes. I find it interesting that our intuition clashes so. I immediately found RL's account compelling on the basis, whereas others did not. This could be a case of different labelling, or even different emotional experience.

Rationality Quotes Thread March 2015

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Another month, another rationality quotes thread. The rules are:

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